Saturday, November 11, 2017

Your Penis is the Key to open all dirty secrets of my maddening Fantasies!The deeper you go more prohibited & more delicious it will be the poisonous taste of sins succulent of my ardent fire of desire.I want you! I will capture you! You can`t escape from me.Bitch!My hallucinations give me fever,my body burns of horny and I leave desperately in search of a horse solacebig enough to fill the void of your absence,I feel like a real queen riding my slaves, my Machos exhaling horny like horses in heat.I want to be crazy,I want to be hallucinated. I want to be abducted tonight.Use me and throw me out, vagabond and trickster. Sexy stallion !Ride your unicorn and run away from this vampire disguised of priest .Priest I confess : I had sex with the faithful of the church the shepherds,my classmates,all my neighbors and my cousins,married men and every form of life that had a big thick penis I took advantage of! I know you got a big dick under that cassock.Stick this big pistol in my tail very hard doggystyle and fill my ass with your goat's milk of the grass!Take me to fuck with the Horses daddy! Be 2018! ( DEVOTIONAL EXPERIENCIES-THE SECRET CONFESSIONS OF EMANUELLE ADAMS 2)

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