Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My favourites! Life is a Puzzle,the moments pieces of a Dream.I feel myself exacly in the point where Past,Present & Future meet each other, sitted in my sofa making this post.The Universe have been trying to communicates with me since some years ago but in a Language I try,try & try to decode but in the End happens very important facts in my life,mostly very terrible.I decided left the stupid & idiot people of my past.In fact I`m also been keeping each time more distance of the people I love.Making porn videos is a Hobby 4 me but not the mainly purpose of my life! I don`t feel myself identified with a specific gender like male,female,trangender,gay or Bi although that I manifest a female character very strong.Very interesting days are coming... I love catching people by surprise hehe but much more surprise msyelf with my secret skills to manifest the Evolution,the design of life...all I can say is that sometimes you need to work hard,very hard to shine in one single moment but this moment would be worth an eternity if this is really the meaning of your life or the desire of your heart. In this coming New Year may your star shine!!!

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